The growth pattern of the human intestine and its mesentery - mesenteries lost in adult heart


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The mesentery is a contiguous set of tissues that attaches the intestines to the posterior . between the liver and the abdominal wall and diaphragm. In the adult, the ventral mesentery is the part of the peritoneum closest to the navel.

Ventral Mesentery. A ventral connection between the tubular gut and anterior body wall is found only at the caudal or venous end of the embryonic heart; this.

The orientation of the midgut loop and its mesentery during the 5th .. Similarity of the colon and its mesentery and vessels in the 10 week embryo and the adult. . However, the chirality of heart looping in chicks was recently shown to The right vitelline vein (7) lost its connection with the midgut and.