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Native American Bigfoot Names Source: Bigfoot Indian Names. Tribe. Tribe's Name: Meaning. Tshimshian Makah Indians. El-Ish-kas. "n/a". Seminole Indian. Esti Capcaki. "Tall Man". Iroquois/Seneca Indian "Hairy Savage". Tlingit Indian.

Makah Tribe Native American Tribes, Indian Tribes, American Indians, Tlingit, My .. An Ojibwa man, possibly involved in the Ojibwa-Pillager Battle at Sugar.

Jan 12, 2016- Explore janmac12e4's board "makah and NW coast indian art" Native American Mask - Owl Mask from Northwest Coast Owl Mask, Tribal Art, Native . 13. kwakiutl Native American Masks, Native American Beauty, Masked Man, Twice the normal height, with a black, hairy body and sagging breasts, she.